20160126 – New Year Knackered

A relatively quiet meet to start the year but with a new visitor from Lincoln LUG, Miles. :)

Topics discussed:

  • My current Raspberry Pi project – a small ‘game’ using a Character LCD
  • My recent purchase of an SSD and experience of setting up new install
  • Wayland in general
  • Rockbox installation on a Sansa Fuse experience and overall impression of Rockbox – in short, “Brilliant!”
  • The next projects in line for the Pi and Character LCD
  • Graphics cards and the companies that make them

and other general new year chatter,

20151124 – An old friend swings by…

A nice surprise to start the evening – Chris, our previous LUG master swung by for a visit! Great to see you! :)

Lots of tech items discussed:

  • The Nintendo 3DS and brokenness of games
  • Nintendo across mobile gaming in a more general sense – not just DS.
  • Certificate failures in the recent news: Apple (cert expiry), Lenovo and Dell (root CA issues).
  • The Pebble Round – thoughts on wearables in general. The consensus being that mostly, we’re happy to have free wrists.
  • The chromebit – chromecast like device got smarter but doesn’t give a better impression
  • ArsTechnica’s analysis of graphics performance on SteamOS and their SteamBoxes. The obvious conclusion from the crowd being, “duh! It’s not like optimised drivers have been written for an OS that only just got released.”
  • FirefoxOS has some of its experience come to Android for testing.
  • What kernel is your phone running? “mostly 3.1!” Shouldn’t we be using something more mainline to mitigate security issues…?
  • The iPad Pro and initial thoughts on it. “Half baked, ‘pro’ device.”
  • Jolla is dead or dying! Currently their going in for debt restructuring having lost their CEO recently. A shame that another mostly FLOSS based mobile OS is on the verge of oblivion due to a lack of actually opening it to the community amongst other issues such as a lack of promotion.
  • XeonPhi co-pro – good for heavy computation.
  • Wayland and feature upheaval.

20151027 – Chilled :)

A pleasant relaxed meet with plenty of geek discussion,
Amongst other items:

  • Phil’s ‘year of proprietary’ software continues with discussion of working with MacOS X.
  • Methods of connecting an SSH session when the laptop or desktop isn’t available – seemingly CoonectBot is the mobile software of choice
  • The release of the Priv from Blackberry – leading onto mobile keyboard discussion.
  • Mention of the impending release of the Fairphone 2 – the first ‘modular phone’ to be brought to market.
  • The Fairphone 2 may also get an option of running alternative OS software – currently on the list: UbuntuMobile, FirefoxOS, Jolla aswell as the current Android build.
  • Mention of running my ownCloud server and the pains of self-signing leads to discussion of becoming a CA in my right via STARTTLS.
  • Community Pubs: How do they work?
  • Putting WebRoot in a normal users access – good or bad practice…?

20150929 – A Crowd

After a later-than-usual start there were lots of items discussed:

  • Owncloud setup experience – lots of learning
  • WINE Support for those ‘killer apps’
  • Icons (particularly in toolbars) – what they look like and meaning conveyed
  • PowerOverEthernet
  • The Horrors of the server back rooms and backups (with particular mention of a ‘fluffy’ UPS
  • Possibilty of a ‘LUGtop’
  • The Jukebox that Tom made
  • Steam on Linux
  • Opening discussion of non-denominational-gift-giving-time-of-year-that-is-currently-cold meeting arrangements
  • MacOS X – development and kernel layout

Having had a bit of a break from these unread scribblings I shall perhaps go back and fill in the blanks for other meets.

20150630 –

Items discussed:

  • Chromium silently installs proprietary module that listens and returns input to ‘mothership’
  • Writing solutions: The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 & Bluetooth keyboard
  • GWX
  • The Evolution of the Dialpad
  • The Pi-Top
  • The National Museum of Computing are seeking BBC micro experts to help with keeping their armada of machines in working condiditon
  • Compiling kernels
  • Clear Linux

20150428 –

Items discussed:

  • Linux 4.0 released
  • Debian Jessie released
  • Ubuntu transitioning to Snappy ‘*.click’ packages/bundles – allowing bundles to run on all future revisions of Ubuntu – going on to discuss the potential risks involved
  • Ubuntu 15.04 released
  • Google announce their Patent Purchase Promotion – ‘EFF are “Cautiously Optimistic”‘
  • EU Begins antitrust investigation into Android of ‘unfair bundling’ à la Internet Explorer bundling with Windows
  • MenuetOS 0.99.98 released – a nice n fast assembly built OS for x86/x64
  • GNU Hurd 0.6 released
  • Google announce ‘Pi-Fi’ MVNO service – which should prove to be somewhat disruptive in the US but perhaps not so over this side of the pond
  • Cyanogen now bundling Microsoft Apps
  • Sortix – A fully POSIX small OS – now self-hosting

20150331 – Visitors :)

We had the delightful Lincoln LUGmaster Becky (bobobex), and Philip (corenominal) from the Lincoln LUG visit this evening.

Linuxy items discussed:

  • GNOME 3.16 release
  • The GNU Project turns 30 – what has it done for us?
  • International Arduino Day
  • Possibility of adding more formal ‘talks’ to meetings
  • Adding to the attending member count – ‘we know you’re out there on the mailing list – join us 😀 ‘

Non-Tech items discussed:

  • Newark as a town – what does it have to offer?
  • Travel – ‘Hulk’ Moments
  • Venues for more formal talks at LUG meets.

20150224 – That Website though…

The evening started with new member, ‘John’ 😉 introducing themselves.
Discussion moved onto contemplating adding more colours to the website (which I’ll do in due course, I think).

Linuxy and Tech subjects discussed:

  • Postfix configuration
  • Filesystems – particularly ZFS
  • Samsung & Panasonic ‘SMART’ TV issues as seen in news articles in recent weeks
  • HTTP/2 ratification
  • First fully Sandboxed apps appearing on the Linux Desktop

20150127 – New old people

Well, our first meet of 2015 was off to a uncertain start with a tech problem from Bob. Pictures stored on a drive had all the hallmarks of being JPEGs but turned out to only contain zeros… Amazingly some had survived the transfer and as such contained data but not all – hallmarks of cheap’n’nasty USB sticks and perhaps user error too. Not unmounting correctly can cause severe data loss.

We had a new member, Graham show up trying to flog a SPARC (lol) and not having much luck.

General discussion covered:

  • Systemd – cue the boo hissing from BurtyB.
  • Distributions
  • Text Editors
  • Electronics Projects
  • Comparing the Cell architecture, OpenCL and CUDA.

20141125 – Drama!

Well, a few faces short this meeting due to other commitments but lots of Linuxy tech discussion. Among other items:

  • GNOME having to defend its trademark against Groupon – shocking stuff
  • Jolla and their imminent release of their tablet
  • Google and the Android 5.0 release
  • The rumblings of the powers that be in debian regarding the init system – which unfortunately lead to a resignation and a fork. Choice however is good.
  • Nokia’s release of their own launcher for Android (and tablet too!)
  • Lastly, the release of the Raspberry Pi A+

Fun times