20150929 – A Crowd

After a later-than-usual start there were lots of items discussed:

  • Owncloud setup experience – lots of learning
  • WINE Support for those ‘killer apps’
  • Icons (particularly in toolbars) – what they look like and meaning conveyed
  • PowerOverEthernet
  • The Horrors of the server back rooms and backups (with particular mention of a ‘fluffy’ UPS
  • Possibilty of a ‘LUGtop’
  • The Jukebox that Tom made
  • Steam on Linux
  • Opening discussion of non-denominational-gift-giving-time-of-year-that-is-currently-cold meeting arrangements
  • MacOS X – development and kernel layout

Having had a bit of a break from these unread scribblings I shall perhaps go back and fill in the blanks for other meets.

20150630 –

Items discussed:

  • Chromium silently installs proprietary module that listens and returns input to ‘mothership’
  • Writing solutions: The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 & Bluetooth keyboard
  • GWX
  • The Evolution of the Dialpad
  • The Pi-Top
  • The National Museum of Computing are seeking BBC micro experts to help with keeping their armada of machines in working condiditon
  • Compiling kernels
  • Clear Linux

20150428 –

Items discussed:

  • Linux 4.0 released
  • Debian Jessie released
  • Ubuntu transitioning to Snappy ‘*.click’ packages/bundles – allowing bundles to run on all future revisions of Ubuntu – going on to discuss the potential risks involved
  • Ubuntu 15.04 released
  • Google announce their Patent Purchase Promotion – ‘EFF are “Cautiously Optimistic”‘
  • EU Begins antitrust investigation into Android of ‘unfair bundling’ à la Internet Explorer bundling with Windows
  • MenuetOS 0.99.98 released – a nice n fast assembly built OS for x86/x64
  • GNU Hurd 0.6 released
  • Google announce ‘Pi-Fi’ MVNO service – which should prove to be somewhat disruptive in the US but perhaps not so over this side of the pond
  • Cyanogen now bundling Microsoft Apps
  • Sortix – A fully POSIX small OS – now self-hosting

20150331 – Visitors :)

We had the delightful Lincoln LUGmaster Becky (bobobex), and Philip (corenominal) from the Lincoln LUG visit this evening.

Linuxy items discussed:

  • GNOME 3.16 release
  • The GNU Project turns 30 – what has it done for us?
  • International Arduino Day
  • Possibility of adding more formal ‘talks’ to meetings
  • Adding to the attending member count – ‘we know you’re out there on the mailing list – join us 😀 ‘

Non-Tech items discussed:

  • Newark as a town – what does it have to offer?
  • Travel – ‘Hulk’ Moments
  • Venues for more formal talks at LUG meets.

20150224 – That Website though…

The evening started with new member, ‘John’ 😉 introducing themselves.
Discussion moved onto contemplating adding more colours to the website (which I’ll do in due course, I think).

Linuxy and Tech subjects discussed:

  • Postfix configuration
  • Filesystems – particularly ZFS
  • Samsung & Panasonic ‘SMART’ TV issues as seen in news articles in recent weeks
  • HTTP/2 ratification
  • First fully Sandboxed apps appearing on the Linux Desktop

20150127 – New old people

Well, our first meet of 2015 was off to a uncertain start with a tech problem from Bob. Pictures stored on a drive had all the hallmarks of being JPEGs but turned out to only contain zeros… Amazingly some had survived the transfer and as such contained data but not all – hallmarks of cheap’n’nasty USB sticks and perhaps user error too. Not unmounting correctly can cause severe data loss.

We had a new member, Graham show up trying to flog a SPARC (lol) and not having much luck.

General discussion covered:

  • Systemd – cue the boo hissing from BurtyB.
  • Distributions
  • Text Editors
  • Electronics Projects
  • Comparing the Cell architecture, OpenCL and CUDA.

20141125 – Drama!

Well, a few faces short this meeting due to other commitments but lots of Linuxy tech discussion. Among other items:

  • GNOME having to defend its trademark against Groupon – shocking stuff
  • Jolla and their imminent release of their tablet
  • Google and the Android 5.0 release
  • The rumblings of the powers that be in debian regarding the init system – which unfortunately lead to a resignation and a fork. Choice however is good.
  • Nokia’s release of their own launcher for Android (and tablet too!)
  • Lastly, the release of the Raspberry Pi A+

Fun times

20140325 – Nuts!

So, this meeting saw the introduction of Doug, a great guy who ck3ml found whilst lurking in Currys.

Lots of topics were discussed, notably:

vim or nano:

  • BurtyB: vi!
  • ck3ml: vim(if necessary otherwise nano)
  • Doug: nano!
  • k3mlc: wuzzat!?

We’ll have to wait for another time to see what sc and scaddy think – though we can probably assume based on previous output that for scaddy, nano is the editor of choice.

  • Unity & Mac comparisons
  • Android devices
  • The Beeb and RISC OS
  • Hackintosh
  • Grand Central Dispatch
  • IBM AS/400
  • Windows7
  • Electronics
  • ADSL Modems and their negotiation with the exchange
  • Domain registration and Registrars

And BurtyB brought some awesome homemade µSD adapters and a surprise for ck3ml in the form of a ruler from EEVBlog.

Less tech related discussion took the subjects of:

  • University courses
  • Pokémon and Nintendo in general
  • Birds!

Army Builder Review

It’s that time again folks, Craig has asked me to do another review, so here goes…

As an avid war gamer of many different systems, I was often drowning in print outs and Excel sheets, many people on different forums had been ranting and raving about how good this product was and how much time & energy it saved them. At the time of me reading their comments however the Army Builder program was still running as a subscription service. So, I waited and updated some old Excel sheets from 4th edition 40k. This took up a lot of time and I was disappointed with the results. When the news came that Army Builder was now a one time purchase, I was straight on the site to purchase the program.

To be perfectly honest, I often wished I hadn’t bothered. The interface is simple to use and easy to understand. The way you load which module (the system that you wish to build an army for) is easy and updates are regular enough to be keeping up with new releases and bugs. But the big downside is that it wasn’t much different to what I was using to start with.

This is the opening screen where you can pick the module you want to load and build a list from that module.

Army builder two4

It looks fine – though the blue is a bit grating after a while, but you can create and download new themes for it: Army builder one


The above is part of a 40k Orks army list. The interface is nice and simple, a tab for the different kind of units along the top, the entries to pick from in the upper box, in the bottom box is the army itself; to the right hand side there is space to put pictures of your own miniatures so its easier to differentiate between squads. Below the picture slot is a statistics read out, percentages of points in what slot and the like. Finally under that is the roster summary, listing everything in the army in a print out format.

There are numerous ways to change how you build an army, points limits, allies and so on and ultimately it does save a lot of time and effort; and paper with the new iPad roster viewer app. But in my opinion it lacks finesse and presentation. For £30 worth of software, I want something that is functional but also looks nice, Army Builder achieves this very similarly to what the Excel sheets achieved, just in a tighter format.