20151027 – Chilled :)

A pleasant relaxed meet with plenty of geek discussion,
Amongst other items:

  • Phil’s ‘year of proprietary’ software continues with discussion of working with MacOS X.
  • Methods of connecting an SSH session when the laptop or desktop isn’t available – seemingly CoonectBot is the mobile software of choice
  • The release of the Priv from Blackberry – leading onto mobile keyboard discussion.
  • Mention of the impending release of the Fairphone 2 – the first ‘modular phone’ to be brought to market.
  • The Fairphone 2 may also get an option of running alternative OS software – currently on the list: UbuntuMobile, FirefoxOS, Jolla aswell as the current Android build.
  • Mention of running my ownCloud server and the pains of self-signing leads to discussion of becoming a CA in my right via STARTTLS.
  • Community Pubs: How do they work?
  • Putting WebRoot in a normal users access – good or bad practice…?

20150929 – A Crowd

After a later-than-usual start there were lots of items discussed:

  • Owncloud setup experience – lots of learning
  • WINE Support for those ‘killer apps’
  • Icons (particularly in toolbars) – what they look like and meaning conveyed
  • PowerOverEthernet
  • The Horrors of the server back rooms and backups (with particular mention of a ‘fluffy’ UPS
  • Possibilty of a ‘LUGtop’
  • The Jukebox that Tom made
  • Steam on Linux
  • Opening discussion of non-denominational-gift-giving-time-of-year-that-is-currently-cold meeting arrangements
  • MacOS X – development and kernel layout

Having had a bit of a break from these unread scribblings I shall perhaps go back and fill in the blanks for other meets.

20150630 –

Items discussed:

  • Chromium silently installs proprietary module that listens and returns input to ‘mothership’
  • Writing solutions: The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 & Bluetooth keyboard
  • GWX
  • The Evolution of the Dialpad
  • The Pi-Top
  • The National Museum of Computing are seeking BBC micro experts to help with keeping their armada of machines in working condiditon
  • Compiling kernels
  • Clear Linux

20150428 –

Items discussed:

  • Linux 4.0 released
  • Debian Jessie released
  • Ubuntu transitioning to Snappy ‘*.click’ packages/bundles – allowing bundles to run on all future revisions of Ubuntu – going on to discuss the potential risks involved
  • Ubuntu 15.04 released
  • Google announce their Patent Purchase Promotion – ‘EFF are “Cautiously Optimistic”‘
  • EU Begins antitrust investigation into Android of ‘unfair bundling’ à la Internet Explorer bundling with Windows
  • MenuetOS 0.99.98 released – a nice n fast assembly built OS for x86/x64
  • GNU Hurd 0.6 released
  • Google announce ‘Pi-Fi’ MVNO service – which should prove to be somewhat disruptive in the US but perhaps not so over this side of the pond
  • Cyanogen now bundling Microsoft Apps
  • Sortix – A fully POSIX small OS – now self-hosting

20150331 – Visitors :)

We had the delightful Lincoln LUGmaster Becky (bobobex), and Philip (corenominal) from the Lincoln LUG visit this evening.

Linuxy items discussed:

  • GNOME 3.16 release
  • The GNU Project turns 30 – what has it done for us?
  • International Arduino Day
  • Possibility of adding more formal ‘talks’ to meetings
  • Adding to the attending member count – ‘we know you’re out there on the mailing list – join us 😀 ‘

Non-Tech items discussed:

  • Newark as a town – what does it have to offer?
  • Travel – ‘Hulk’ Moments
  • Venues for more formal talks at LUG meets.

20150224 – That Website though…

The evening started with new member, ‘John’ 😉 introducing themselves.
Discussion moved onto contemplating adding more colours to the website (which I’ll do in due course, I think).

Linuxy and Tech subjects discussed:

  • Postfix configuration
  • Filesystems – particularly ZFS
  • Samsung & Panasonic ‘SMART’ TV issues as seen in news articles in recent weeks
  • HTTP/2 ratification
  • First fully Sandboxed apps appearing on the Linux Desktop

20150127 – New old people

Well, our first meet of 2015 was off to a uncertain start with a tech problem from Bob. Pictures stored on a drive had all the hallmarks of being JPEGs but turned out to only contain zeros… Amazingly some had survived the transfer and as such contained data but not all – hallmarks of cheap’n’nasty USB sticks and perhaps user error too. Not unmounting correctly can cause severe data loss.

We had a new member, Graham show up trying to flog a SPARC (lol) and not having much luck.

General discussion covered:

  • Systemd – cue the boo hissing from BurtyB.
  • Distributions
  • Text Editors
  • Electronics Projects
  • Comparing the Cell architecture, OpenCL and CUDA.

20141125 – Drama!

Well, a few faces short this meeting due to other commitments but lots of Linuxy tech discussion. Among other items:

  • GNOME having to defend its trademark against Groupon – shocking stuff
  • Jolla and their imminent release of their tablet
  • Google and the Android 5.0 release
  • The rumblings of the powers that be in debian regarding the init system – which unfortunately lead to a resignation and a fork. Choice however is good.
  • Nokia’s release of their own launcher for Android (and tablet too!)
  • Lastly, the release of the Raspberry Pi A+

Fun times

20140325 – Nuts!

So, this meeting saw the introduction of Doug, a great guy who ck3ml found whilst lurking in Currys.

Lots of topics were discussed, notably:

vim or nano:

  • BurtyB: vi!
  • ck3ml: vim(if necessary otherwise nano)
  • Doug: nano!
  • k3mlc: wuzzat!?

We’ll have to wait for another time to see what sc and scaddy think – though we can probably assume based on previous output that for scaddy, nano is the editor of choice.

  • Unity & Mac comparisons
  • Android devices
  • The Beeb and RISC OS
  • Hackintosh
  • Grand Central Dispatch
  • IBM AS/400
  • Windows7
  • Electronics
  • ADSL Modems and their negotiation with the exchange
  • Domain registration and Registrars

And BurtyB brought some awesome homemade µSD adapters and a surprise for ck3ml in the form of a ruler from EEVBlog.

Less tech related discussion took the subjects of:

  • University courses
  • Pokémon and Nintendo in general
  • Birds!